Style De Vie



Our unique offering Style de Vie is an integrated design and fabrication house specializing in exceptional vintage, “up-cycled”, and custom furnishings, as well as providing residential and commercial interior design services. Since 1993, Style de Vie has been a trusted design resource for architects, design industry professionals, as well as creative individuals and business owners. Considered an innovator of vintage design in Los Angeles, we are celebrated most for our expertise in vintage sourcing, restoration, and salvage design. Relationships with vintage vendors in Europe contribute to our selection of one-of-a-kind furniture and décor. Style de Vie has mastered the alchemy of restoration through special techniques developed to preserve the integrity of each piece. Our special collection of salvaged elements and materials inform our contemporary aesthetic. Our knowledge of “aging” techniques also allows for us to create a classic vintage look. In recent years, we have combined our extensive knowledge of the production process and in collaboration with the top contractors and architects in Southern California to offer completely custom designs along with comprehensive interior design services. At Style de Vie, clients have the opportunity to see their dreams come to life in unique, well-crafted pieces. We offer complete professional consultation and closely engage with our clients to actualize their ideas. Our timeless furniture is designed to last beyond the trends of today, remaining “in style” forever.
We open our Los Angeles flagship store to clients to use as an atelier to realize any project from design to fabrication; conceptualization to construction. Our mission is to provide clients with a creative experience that is personalized and hands-on, ensuring that each piece and every space is true to their unique vision.


Founder/Designer J.C. Hyrb

J.C. Hryb understands that every space holds the potential for a unique experience and it is his calling to transform that potential into a reality. J.C. believes that form and function can and should be an artistic expression when it comes to lifestyle design solutions. A beautiful space is not enough; it needs to work. He will help you create both. He and his team will provide functional and beautiful environments to live, work, and play in. His talent lies in channeling his creativity and his seasoned industry experience to transform any concept, product, or brand into a marketable, beautiful living design. His process is collaborative in nature to assure that each project objective, unique site specifications, and local demographics are taken into consideration. Having owned and operated furniture manufacturing facilities, J.C.’s experience and production background allows him to create functional and artistic furnishings that are of fantastic quality and cost-efficient. J.C.’s breadth of experience is extensive and unique by its vertical nature. He is a product, furniture and interior designer first and foremost, yet he also is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer, and has been for over two decades. This extensive universal knowledge of his industry enables him to zero in on his clientele’s needs and execute the project in the most efficient manner both timely and financially—all the while keeping design and innovation first and foremost on his mind. With his marketing background, he cannot help but continuously challenge himself to create new concepts and designs to set you and your business apart from the competition.
With a business school background in Marketing and International Trade, Style de Vie founder and lead designer, Jean-Christophe (J.C.) Hryb, understands the business behind design and is passionate about his industry.


Commercial Design Services

At Style de Vie, we are committed to providing functional and beautiful lifestyle solutions. We are here to help facilitate your residential or commercial project from start to finish. We work closely with our clients to provide artistic direction while maintaining their unique vision. Whether for a corporate brand experience or a private residence, Style de Vie will guide you throughout the entire process of design concept, fabrication, and installation.


Residential Design Services

At Style de Vie, we are committed to providing functional and beautiful lifestyle solutions. We are here to help facilitate your residential or commercial project from start to finish. We work closely with our clients to provide artistic direction while maintaining their unique vision. Whether for a corporate brand experience or a private residence, Style de Vie will guide you throughout the entire process of design concept, fabrication, and installation.



Placing An Order:


All pieces are made to order. A 50 % deposit is required prior to production. The balance is due at time of pickup or shipping. The merchandise remains the property of Twenty Gauge until payment is made in full.


Lead Time:


6-8 weeks


Rush orders are available.
Orders required in less than 3 weeks are subject to a 20% up charge.


Payment Information:


A 50% deposit is required at time of order or payment can also be made in full. The balance, shipping and handling is due prior to shipping. Cost of shipping and handling are the client's responsibility.


Forms Of Payment Accepted:


Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash, Money order, Cashiers check, Personal check, Company check
(Note: Checks must clear before we release your order).


Prices are FOB Los Angeles. Shipping charges, storage charges, and the applicable sales tax are additional.




Twenty Gauge is not liable for any delay or failure to deliver in case of fire, flood, natural disasters, political unrest, acts of God, shipping delays/damages or any carrier related problems.




Describe any damage, in detail on the BILL of LANDING. Failure to note any shipping damages at the time of receipt of merchandise may release liablity of the shipping co. for compensation/replacement costs of murchandise damaged in the shipping process.


Twenty Gauge ships FOB Los Angeles and the transfer of liability to the shipper is effective when leaving our premises.






If the client is not ready for delivery when Twenty Gauge has completes the work, the order will be moved to storage. Transfer to storage and storage costs is $25/day and will be charged starting at the specified ship date or the 7th day after notification that the order has been completed. A restocking fee of 25% of the value of the order, plus any shipping/storage charges incurred is applicable to all orders canceled at any time after the deposit is received.




There are two modes of transportation available to the furniture industry:




Transit time: approx. 7 business days or less (7 days to the East Coast from Los Angeles).


Packaging: pieces are boxed (foam and cardboard)


Cost efficiency: best for orders of 3 pieces or less.


Levels of service:


BRONZE: *shipments under 400lbs, no one piece can exceed 300lbs: 2 man delivery, inside the threshold of the residence, 2 flight of stairs outside.
*shipments over 400lbs: no weight limitations, to first dry area, no threshold service, no stairs prior to dry area.

SILVER: Inside placement, two flight of stairs.

GOLD: Inside placement, two flight of stairs, unpacking, placement, removal of debris, set-up limited to 15 minutes and no use of tools.

PLATINUM: Inside placement, two flight of stairs, unpacking, placement, removal of debris, set-up and light assembly limited to 30 minutes.

BLANKET WRAP CARRIER: Transit time: approx-2 weeks (2-3 weeks to the East Coast from Los Angeles).


Packing: pieces are shrink wrapped, then wrapped individually in blankets.


Cost efficiency: most of the time for orders of 3 pieces or more, as it saves on packing and meets the shipper's required delivery minimum.


Levels of service:


BRONZE: Curbside Delivery

SILVER: Inside delivery, unwrapping.

GOLD: Inside delivery, upstairs, unwrapping and placement.

PLATINUM: Inside placement, two flight of stairs, unpacking, placement, removal of debris.

NOTE: Depending on the Blanket Wrap Carrier chosen, not all levels of service might be available. Unless otherwise instructed, Twenty Gauge will choose the shipping company we feel is most appropriate. Pieces can be shipped immediately (once the order is completed) if needed. Applicablecosts will incur.


As stated on each piece we ship, the client is to inspect the pieces when receiving them. At that time the client is to note any damage on the bill of lading, or, if the shipment is badly damaged, to refuse the shipment.


The inspection should be made while the shippers representative is still present and no document should be signed until every piece has been inspected. The delivery person must sign and date the bill of lading or a separate document stating the damage. It is the clients responsibility to process the claim with the shipper. Twenty Gauge will assist in this process by submitting any necessary documentation. Any third party accepting the goods has to be informed of this procedure. This is the clients responsibility to ensure that the third party they choose to receive the goods follows the correct receiving procedure.


Returns/Cancellations/Order Changes:


Once an order has been written and the deposit received, the client is responsible for the full payment of the order. Twenty Gauge has to be notified in writing via fax or e-mail of any returns, cancellations or changes to the original order. Twenty Gauge will in return "approve" or "not approve", in writing of any changes/cancellation/or returns. Verbal changes/approvals are not acceptable. It is at Twenty Gauge discretion to decide if any changes/cancellations/returns are eligible.


If any shipping/storage charges should occur, they are the client's sole responsibility. No changes to the order of any sort (i.e.: sizes/colors) will be accepted 7 days after receipt of the deposit without a 25% restocking up charge.


Rush orders are subject to an automatic 25% restocking up charge if any changes should occur after receipt of the deposit. A restocking fee or 25% will apply if the client absolutely refuses to receive the merchandise. Any storage or shipping charges incurred will also be the client's responsibility. NO cancellations will be approved after receipt of the deposit without the written consent of Twenty Gauge. Cancellations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.




As noted in the shipping section, Twenty Gauge is not responsible for damage or loss occurred in transit. Any other claims relating to defects, error or shortages must be made in writing within 24 hours of receipt of the merchandise, accompanied by the copy of the original work order illustrating such discrepancies. Failure to notify Twenty Gauge within 24 hours of receipt of goods constitutes a waiver of any discrepancy from the original order and/or the changes that might have been made since the original order. Valid claims will be paid by check, within two weeks of the written acceptance by Twenty Gauge that the claim is valid.


Twenty Gauge products are refurbished vintage metal furniture and accessories that were originally manufactured in the early 1900ís. Some of our pieces were originally produced as early as the late 1800ís. We take great care to bring you only the finest quality pieces in mint and near mint condition. What makes our vintage pieces unique are the variations and slight imperfections due to the service they have performed over the years. We refurbish and restore each and every piece with the utmost respect to its individual character.


Also note that on our clear coated steel pieces you will sometimes see gold weld marks at the joints. These are brass weld marks, dating the pieces. Brass was the medium used to weld in the past, and as we expose and clear coat the steel, all fabrication details are revealed. These brass weld marks are sought after by collectors as they insure that one has acquired pieces of the early Steel Age.


When placing an order, the client implicitly accepts the fact that none of the pieces we deliver are in absolutely perfect condition due to the nature of the product. Our finishes are warranted against defeats for one year after shipment. If you feel you have a claim, you agree that you will allow us to inspect the claimed defect, either physically or via pictures. If we agree to your claim, Twenty Gauge has the option of either repairing or replacing the defective product. Before returning goods to us, contact us in writing for authorization.